– PuppetGirl


I can’t believe what a great response I’ve had to joining a live streaming app. In just 1 month I’ve gained over 11K followers on the app. I’ve enjoyed building a community of both viewers and other broadcasters. It’s pretty incredible that this app has been around almost a year already and I’m just now finding out about it. If you’ve never heard of I recommend checking it out. You can search it on the app store and download it for free for android, iphone or ipad (sorry not desktop yet).

Viewers interact with broadcasters through the chat, as well as by sending likes, gifts and can even be beamed in with the picture in picture feature. I’ll include a link that may even give you free coins to spend on your favorite broadcaster.  LINK:

I hope you’ll join me on I am currently doing a regular broadcast on Mondays at 5pm PT. My screen name is PuppetGirl.



Meet Stitch. 

She’s Bagheera’s sister now. She used to live on the street and sleep in the flower bed in front of our building. I saw her around the neighborhood for about two months and kept asking everyone who she belonged to. Everyone said she was feral. So I fed her and spent hours laying on the side walk to be a small as possible as to make myself less threatening. Eventually she would partially climb up on my lap and she would let me scratch her belly while she purred and drooled. One day I hadn’t seen her around and I asked a neighbor. He replied that his landlord had called animal control, so they may have taken her. My heart sank. I started calling for her and asking everyone that passed by if they had seen her. After a while someone mentioned they thought she was down the block and we were all calling for her by the many names she had accumulated begging from all of us. Then we saw her. I grabbed my cat carrier and scooped her up in it. Immediately we left to the nearest vet I could Yelp. She was scanned for a chip, tested and given a clean bill of health…well as best as a street cat can have…and some worm medicine to take once we got home. I was instructed to keep her separated from Bagheera for 10 days. It was a long 10 days of screaming and scratching at the door by both girls. They wanted to meet so badly. I posted pics and checked lost per sites to make sure we didn’t get too attached if she was being missed by a family. No one seemed to miss her and eventually the girls got to meet. Miraculously they got along right away. Over the past couple of months they’ve become best friends. They always want to be near each other and they cuddle and groom one another. It’s so wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a lot of work. I spent a few nights sleeping on the cold hard bathroom floor holding Stitch to keep her calm when she was trying to get out in those early days. Then she went in heat and I spent many nights awake trying to keep her quiet so the neighbors didn’t complain. We got her spay a few days ago and I spent the first night lying on the floor with her making sure she wasn’t tempted to lick her stitches. She has managed to tear up cat toys in a matter of minutes. She refuses to get on our sleep schedule and has now got Bagheera staying up all night as well. But in the end it’s worth it. I love both of my girls and it makes me so happy to see Bagheera running around chasing her new sister filled with joy and a new found excitement. 

Keep up with Stitch on her sisters twitter @BagheeraFun 

Young Storytellers Big Show

I just got home from performing at another fun Big Show and I can’t stop smiling. Young Storytellers Foundation is a group that pairs mentors up with elementary students to guide them in writing a script. The scripts are usually about 5 pages in length and generally only have up to 9 speaking roles. The themes range from presidential elections to escaping fantasy lands to wizard school to schools of fish and anywhere in between. The genres can vary, however most tend to lean toward comedy and action fantasy. As an actor I get to show up for the Big Show, the performance of these scripts. There are 10 actors and we audition for the young writers, which then cast us in their scripts. We get all 10 scripts and usually by that point it’s time to start the show. We perform all of the scripts back to back using our biggest and loudest theatre performance skills. Then we get to thank the writers and autograph the scripts. Some of tonight’s roles I played included a very wise 12 year old girl, a companion wolf, a dancing tree, a police officer, a painting that talked like a robot, and an evil gnome. It’s really one of my all time favorite acting opportunities in Los Angeles. I always have a blast! The kids are so creative! 

My rescue cat sure seems like a Bengal

Now I know there is no way to prove my rescue kitty Bagheera is really Bengal, but she sure acts like one. She loves water. She yowls non-stop as if conversing with me. She runs laps around the apartment leaping the queen bed with ease. Oh and her markings and glistening fur sure look like she’s got Bengal in her. It’s funny when I first posted pics of her everyone made comments like, “I didn’t know you got a Bengal!” and I was like, “me either”. 😜 They assured me at the rescue that she was just a tabby. She’s still a loving little cuddle bug…when she’s not attacking a shadow 6 feet up the wall or screaming for me to join her in the bathroom so I can turn on the faucet for her to play in. So jury is still out, but I’m comfortable calling her Bengal if she’s okay with it.