Addicted to Housewives

It is a sad year for me when it comes to TV shows.  Desperate Housewives is in it’s final season.

I never thought I would enjoy the show to be honest.  I watched part of an episode in an early season once and decided it wasn’t for me. However I interviewed for the tour guide position at Universal Studios and I decided that it would be easier to memorize the houses on Wisteria Lane if I knew who I was talking about when I said Susan, Brie, Mike, etc, so I watched the pilot.

Suddenly I was hooked.  The show is tongue in cheek, funny, witty, clever, with relatable yet over the top characters that you can’t help but love or in some cases love to hate.  I started watching the early seasons on DVD/online and then caught up. Then I spent the following seasons watching live.

I smiled and cried along with the ladies (and guys) of Wisteria Lane through their ups and downs.  I’ve been on the edge of my couch through their adventures.  I was actually so connected to these characters that I wept this season at the death of one of the folks on Wisteria Lane and mourned as if it were a family friend for the next few days without even realizing it.

This series is a must see, however if you haven’t watched yet…do NOT jump in now.  I recommend going back to pilot episode and start there.  It is a bit of a soap opera in the past couple of seasons, so if you jump in too late you won’t have the same connection with the characters.

SILLY FACT:  The Wisteria on Wisteria Lane is fake.  (They are plastic/silk flowers.  I know because I’ve seen them.)