RIP Desperate Housewives

So I watched the series finale of Desperate Housewives.  It was the most I think I’ve ever cried during an episode of a TV show.

I cried partly because of the shows wonderful writing, acting, etc… and partly because it was the end of a series that I have grown to love.

But I realized something else…I think a major reason why I love the show and have grown so attached is that I long to have such a wonderful group of close girlfriends that would rather go to prison than break a promise, women that I have known so long and had so many wonderful memories with that I know that every time they have a bad hand of poker they tap their wine glass, friends that have shared thier lives so fully that we have been there for eathother through births, marriages, heartaches, deaths and everything in between.

How lucky those characters were to have created such strong friendships.  And what a terrible feeling it was to realize that even that could drift away.  That reality that hit me during the finale.

And that’s why I feel like something is missing now that my “friends” on Wisteria Lane have moved on.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that worked on the show for sharing your talents with us through that magic box in the living room.


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