Things to do in Los Angeles – Griffith Park

Griffith Park is awesome!

There is a zoo, museum, train town, gofl course, driving range, carousel, observatory and more in this huge park.  The observatory is free to check out and often very busy at night.  I have yet to visit the zoo, golf facilities or museum, however I have been by the carousel and it’s always been closed.  Apparently it’s open on weekends.  The train area is super neat.  You can even have birthday parties there (mostly for kids, but hey I suppose adults could too).  But don’t forget the PARK!

I have discovered my new favorite hiking trail at Griffith Park.  I’m going to tell you about it now:  if you are driving through the park and pass the driving range on your right hand side, you will come to a parking lot that is kind of straight ahead/left of the road…park there.  Then walk out of the parking lot toward the road where you entered and you will see a dirt path to your right that leads uphill.  You can either take the path to the right uphill or go to the left up a small hill and you will find wooden stairs to your right that lead up.  The stairs are MUCH HARDER!!!  (At least I think so.)  Both lead up to a gorgeous little garden area with a drinking fountain and even a water trench for horses.  There are picnic tables and benches to relax and enjoy the plant-life.  If you want to keep going up hill you can take the main path up and you’ll eventually pass a helicopter landing grassy area…keep going up until you get to the paved road.  Turn to the left and follow it a short distance until you see a picnic table with a tree that has fallen on it to your left.  That is supposed to be a haunted picninc table…however I investigated it with my EMF and didn’t find anything unusual.  That’s about as far as I get when I hike there.  It’s a pretty long and can be difficult if it’s hot, so take lots of water with you and maybe a light snack.


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