Ok, I did lose my temper today at the telephone banker that refused to let me speak to his manager because they were,  “just going to tell me the same thing.”  I actually yelled at the phone and complete lost my temper for the first time in…well I don’t actually remember the last time I lost my temper, but I’m sure I have at some point…but that’s not what this post is about.  (But thank’s for letting me get that off my chest.  And to the banker guy, I’d like to apologize to you if you happen to read this, but I won’t because I am still ticked off that you had to be soooo difficult.)

I started watching Charlie Sheen’s new show ANGER MANAGEMENT and it’s really funny.

I was never a huge Charlie Sheen fan before.  I mean he was good in “Hot Shots” and…well I can’t say I really remember him from anything else.  I was never really that interested in “Two and a Half Men” either.  But after all of the “winning” publicity that he’s had and those awesome FX commercials with the train crash and him in a coffin my curiousity was peeked.  So I watched the first episode.

I love it!  It’s REALLY REALLY funny.  I literaly LOL in my living room alone watching it.  The supporting cast is very funny, as well.  I especially love watching Barry Corbin.  I remember him from Northern Exposure.  I laughed so hard at one of his lines the other night that I had to rewind the OnDemand to see what I missed.

If you haven’t watched it yet…do it.  It’s really worth checking out.




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