I’m on Twitter…now WHAT is Pinterest?

So I’ve been on twitter ( @christinebarger ) for a while, but I didn’t really start using it until recently.

Now it goes to my phone, so I am tweeting, following, RT-ing from anywhere I get cell phone reception (granted with my phone….that’s not that many places, certainly NOT in my apartment…but that’s a rant for another time).

I quite enjoy many of the jokes & quotes posted, but most of all I enjoy keeping up with so many friends while never actually having to speak to or see them.

Right?!?  Isn’t that the awesome part of Twitter & Facebook?  I remember a time when you had to “hang out” with friends in order to call them friends.  Thank goodness that’s a thing of the past.

And now there’s a site called Pinterest that my “friends” keep telling me about.  So I joined http://pinterest.com/ventriloprov/

I don’t really understand it yet.  I think it’s like when people used to say come over and we can watch a slideshow of our vacation OR hey let’s look at family photo albums, but with no privacy and most of the pictures you look at aren’t really their photo’s but other peoples photos that they happen to like.  But none-the-less I am giving it a shot.

So if you are on Pinterest, find me and pin me or whatever it is you do on there…

AND if you are on Twitter, tweet me or follow me…

AND feel free to ‘LIKE’ my facebook page

Or send me a video response on YOUTUBE.

I really appreciate it and I’d love to get to know you through the world wide web.

However, if we are actually friends that hang out…stop expecting me to read ever status update, tweet, pin, video…and just send me a text so we can catch up.  LOL




Orange County Ghosts

I didn’t realize how many antique shops are in Orange County until I went on theHaunted Orange ghost walking tour.  Apparently most of them are haunted.  There are a lot of fun and intereasting ghost stories about Orange County.  You can hear many of them on the tour.

We walked to a couple of different houses and a few shops, stood outside and listened to the guide tell stories about the history and reported hauntings.  I found the town circle story the most interesting about 2 young boys that got killed by a horse drawn wagon and now play in the street as ghosts.  They also showed us pictures of Post-Mortem Photography which was intersting (except the photo of the baby, that was hard to look at).

Overall it was a fun little tour that I recommend.  My only complaint was that our tour guide was a complete air-head…and I don’t use that term lightly…but apparently she only does the tour once in a while.

“I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that used to be a mortuary.” -Guide