Orange County Ghosts

I didn’t realize how many antique shops are in Orange County until I went on theHaunted Orange ghost walking tour.  Apparently most of them are haunted.  There are a lot of fun and intereasting ghost stories about Orange County.  You can hear many of them on the tour.

We walked to a couple of different houses and a few shops, stood outside and listened to the guide tell stories about the history and reported hauntings.  I found the town circle story the most interesting about 2 young boys that got killed by a horse drawn wagon and now play in the street as ghosts.  They also showed us pictures of Post-Mortem Photography which was intersting (except the photo of the baby, that was hard to look at).

Overall it was a fun little tour that I recommend.  My only complaint was that our tour guide was a complete air-head…and I don’t use that term lightly…but apparently she only does the tour once in a while.

“I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that used to be a mortuary.” -Guide


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