Just do it!

Have you ever seen a comedy where there’s a birthday party and all of the kids are running around screaming and attacking the clown?  Well…I’ve been there.  And I’m going back.  I started thinking today about why I say yes to gigs that I know are going to be challenging.  Do I like the challenge?  Is it the money?  Why do I do it?

Then I realized…it’s the exposure.  I got into this business to make a difference in thte world…specifically to change the world one smile at a time.  I can’t do that if I turn down gigs.  I also may miss out on a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life or meet a new person that may lead to something more…the possibilities are endless when you DO IT.  However there are no possibilities if I do nothing.  So I’ve decided to Nike it up and just do it. 



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