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Car Insurance Tips from a girl that got rear-ended

If you follow me on Twitter (@christinebarger) then you know I was in a car accident on the 18th on my way to perform a ventriloquist show at a restaurant north of Los Angeles.  

Here’s what happened:

I got hit from behind on the 101 fwy.  I was stopped with the traffic in our lane, but the guy behind me didn’t appear to notice and hit me at a pretty high speed.  I think he totalled his car and did around $5000 of damage to mine.  I had to go to the Emergency Room, dentist, doctor follow-ups and so forth. (I still am.)  I had to get a rental car, also.

So here’s what happened after: 

California minimum required coverage may not be enough.  My insurance had to pay for the car repairs and I had to pay the rental car fees out of pocket.  Hopefully his insurance will have enough to cover it.  I am paying ALL medical out of pocket and hopefully his insurance will have enough to cover it and pay me back with a settlement check sometime between now and 2 years from now.

Here’s the tip part:

I recommend everyone have at least the minimums for your state, but make sure you take care of yourself.  Have un-insured/under-insured coverage.  Have rental car coverage.  Have medical for yourself.  I know I always just thought that if someone caused an accident they were required by law to fix my car and cover my medical…I never actually realized how it works.  It sucks.  Insurance is expensive…I know…but it’s worth it when you need it.