Days of Our Lives, Magic Castle, Disney, etc…

So I know it’s been months…I’ve been busy so I’m just gonna update a bit on what’s been going on since November.  Well, the holidays happened.  I worked on Days of Our Lives for a couple of episodes.  Two of those episodes already airred.  I auditioned in January and became a member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle.  I performed there few weeks later as an impromptu show in the museum and ended up in the yelp reviews (in a good way).  I attended a couple of awesome “Magician only” events there, too.  I finally waited in line at The Disney Soda Fountain for the first time at a pin release…not over night or anything crazy…but over an hour which seems like a lot to me.  I attended an Elders meeting which is a group of mentalists that get together…which was amazing.  I’ve pin traded at DCA & Disneyland almost every weekend.  Had lots of cool auditions (including voice over auditions lately).  And have a bunch of live comedic ventriloquist gigs coming up.  (I added a “Schedule” section to my site today, but I’ll probably be about as good at updating it as I am about keeping up with my blog.)


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