Fun FREE improv class in Los Angeles – Monkey Butler

I strongly believe that everyone should take at least one improv class in their lifetime.  The skills you learn in an improv class can be applied to so many different aspects of your life.  Improv strengthens the muscles in your mind that control your abilities to use creative thinking, teamwork, think on your feet, and more.  Doesn’t this sound like something EVERYONE could use no matter what their occupation?  I think so.

There are many places to take such classes, but one of my favorite places to play:

Monkey Butler is not only a great place to learn improv (for FREE) but also a great place to make lifelong friends.  Monkey Butler teaches improv skills in a safe and loving environment.  Currently workshops are only available for adults, however this is not a typical comedy club style mentality.  You will be asked to avoid inappropriate and offensive language/jokes.  You will be asked to play “clean” during workshops and shows.

Please note that Monkey Butler is done through churches in the Los Angeles area and has a religious aspect.  You will NOT have God pushed on you here, however you are welcome (not required) to stay AFTER workshops and join in a prayer circle.

I highly recommend checking out the website and finding a workshop near you.


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Things to do near Los Angeles – Palm Springs

26 ft tall sculpture

26 ft tall sculpture

Palm Springs is a bit of a drive from Hollywood, but it almost feels like you didn’t leave.  They have they’re own sidewalk with stars, artwork, and nightlife.  One of my favorite things to do in Palm Springs is the Aerial Tramway.  There is a lot of hiking trails at the top and apparently you can camp there if you call ahead and prep a few weeks in advance. I still haven’t gone camping there.  I also found this 26 foot tall sculpture of Ms. Monroe really interesting.  Just outside of Palm Springs is Joshua Tree and the Living Desert.  I went hiking in Joshua Tree once in the late afternoon…let me tell you it gets dark fast at sunset, so if you do what I did…take a flashlight.  It also gets VERY dark which I am not used to living in the city.  I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face trying to walk back to the car.

There are also casinos, bars, spas and drag shows to keep you occupied if hiking isn’t your thing.   This community is super gay friendly, too.  I picked up several brochure about the city at the visitor center…when I got to the car and started looking through them the one for a nude male resort really stood out.



Things To Do in the Los Angeles area- Salton Sea

Things To Do in the Los Angeles area- Salton Sea

Ok, so this is a little way away from Los Angeles. But the Salton Sea is a beautiful area. This is an accidentally man-made body of water. (I watched the video at the visitor center.) Some guys were hired to keep water in the area and they cut canals from the Colorado River that caused the area to flood in the early 1900’s.
This use to be a major fishing and camping destination, although when I visited over memorial day weekend there was hardly anyone to be found. The water gets saltier as it slowly dries up. Over the years all of the different types of fish started to die. Now it only has Tilapia. It’s such a beautiful, quiet, peaceful beach, but a bit sad to walk along it and see dead fished washed ashore. There are other neat things to do in the area like see a mud volcano. Niland (Salvation Mountain & Slab City) is only a few miles southeast too.

Fun Things to do near Los Angeles – Niland (Salvation Mountain & Slab City)

Salvation Mountain IMG_2396 IMG_2402 IMG_2403


This is like 200 miles from Los Angeles, but totally worth the drive.  Salvation Mountain is an amazing art piece created by Leonard Knight.  His story is amazing.  He found God and decided to create a balloon that would spread the message that God is Love.  It didn’t work.  Years of his life he tried to create this balloon and the first Salvation Mountain…with no luck.  Finally he rebuilt this art piece with Adobe and lots of paint.  He lived here and worked on it through the generosity of people bringing paint donations.  He has since stopped working on this art piece (I think due to age/health) but people still volunteer to keep it up.

This amazing artwork is at the entrance to Slab City or “The Slabs”.  It’s a former US Marine training base.  People have moved in and live in whatever they can find or bring.  It’s a bit like the results of the apocalypse, but really neat.  They even have an internet cafe that has an open mic and music.  It’s worth checking out.

(I also stopped along the way here from LA to see Palm Springs, the Salton Sea and to geocache.)