Things to do near Los Angeles – Palm Springs

26 ft tall sculpture

26 ft tall sculpture

Palm Springs is a bit of a drive from Hollywood, but it almost feels like you didn’t leave.  They have they’re own sidewalk with stars, artwork, and nightlife.  One of my favorite things to do in Palm Springs is the Aerial Tramway.  There is a lot of hiking trails at the top and apparently you can camp there if you call ahead and prep a few weeks in advance. I still haven’t gone camping there.  I also found this 26 foot tall sculpture of Ms. Monroe really interesting.  Just outside of Palm Springs is Joshua Tree and the Living Desert.  I went hiking in Joshua Tree once in the late afternoon…let me tell you it gets dark fast at sunset, so if you do what I did…take a flashlight.  It also gets VERY dark which I am not used to living in the city.  I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face trying to walk back to the car.

There are also casinos, bars, spas and drag shows to keep you occupied if hiking isn’t your thing.   This community is super gay friendly, too.  I picked up several brochure about the city at the visitor center…when I got to the car and started looking through them the one for a nude male resort really stood out.




2 thoughts on “Things to do near Los Angeles – Palm Springs

  1. I’m heading to Palm Springs on a family vacation in 10 days, and was trying to figure out things to do…I’m guessing the nude male resort won’t be on the list… 🙂

  2. Hi Christine!

    Awesome Blog!! I’ve wanted an adventure and I definitely will be using your blog as a guide to showing me what California has to offer =D

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    Sara, Team Wigo!

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