Fun FREE improv class in Los Angeles – Monkey Butler

I strongly believe that everyone should take at least one improv class in their lifetime.  The skills you learn in an improv class can be applied to so many different aspects of your life.  Improv strengthens the muscles in your mind that control your abilities to use creative thinking, teamwork, think on your feet, and more.  Doesn’t this sound like something EVERYONE could use no matter what their occupation?  I think so.

There are many places to take such classes, but one of my favorite places to play:

Monkey Butler is not only a great place to learn improv (for FREE) but also a great place to make lifelong friends.  Monkey Butler teaches improv skills in a safe and loving environment.  Currently workshops are only available for adults, however this is not a typical comedy club style mentality.  You will be asked to avoid inappropriate and offensive language/jokes.  You will be asked to play “clean” during workshops and shows.

Please note that Monkey Butler is done through churches in the Los Angeles area and has a religious aspect.  You will NOT have God pushed on you here, however you are welcome (not required) to stay AFTER workshops and join in a prayer circle.

I highly recommend checking out the website and finding a workshop near you.


My website:


2 thoughts on “Fun FREE improv class in Los Angeles – Monkey Butler

  1. This sounds amazing! When and where does this take place?

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