Things to do near Los Angeles – Putt Putt

Every once in a while my guy and I get the urge to go miniature golfing. There is only one place close to our home that we know of, so we always go there. SHERMAN OAKS CASTLE

This is something I’d recommend for locals only. If you are in Los Angeles for a week on vacation, this is not a hopping tourist attraction. It’s not the most well kept or elegant mini-golf course, but it’s something fun, reasonably priced and competitive to do. It really reminds me of something I would do back home in Indiana. They also have an arcade and batting cages.

There always seems to be a lot of kids there when we go. You can choose between a couple of different courses, so we always look to see which has the smallest group in front of us. (I don’t want to wait behind a family of six at each hole.) With that being said I still haven’t golfed course #1…it seems to be most popular with families when we are there. spooky mini-golf hole



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