Nudity in auditions, I think not.

Okay.  So I really don’t have a problem with nudity in media.  I mean if you watched Beta House you already knew that.  I believe that performers can choose to do roles with nudity or not…totally up to them. 

I personally am not a huge fan of most movies with insane amount of gratuitous nudity for the sake of DVD sales, but again it’s not my place to judge the performers for doing those role. 

Here’s where I think nudity is a problem.  AUDITIONS!  There is almost always no reason to make actors or actresses be fully nude on tape for auditions.  I think if anyone in production feels that it is needed to make sure the performer is “really” okay with the nudity, then they should be run out of the biz.  It’s BS.  Especially if the person auditioning has done nudity in prior projects.  I just don’t understand what goes on in some people’s minds.  It’s uncomfortable, unneccessary and in my opinion taking advantage of your positions in production in an inappropriate way.

And that’s how I really feel.


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