Things to do near Los Angeles – Roller Skating


I used to LOVE roller skating as a kid. I even remember going roller skating with the Girl Scouts. So, when I found out there are still old school roller rinks in the Los Angeles area I had to check it out. Again, this is not necessarily something I recommend for tourists, but rather for locals.

I found Moonlight Rollerway through a web search. Jeremiah & I checked the website and called for information on the hours, which are very specific so be sure to check before you go. We drove over there, only getting lost once and then slowly pulled into a slightly dodgy parking area after dark. We actually had the discussion about whether or not to actually go inside. I’m glad we did. It is a total flashback to my childhood.

I’m not a terribly strong roller skater, so avoiding tripping over fallen children…well let’s just say they should’ve known better than to fall in front of a girl in elbow & knee pads in hightop skates. Apparently a few adults thought I was a roller-derby girl or something because they invited me to adult only night. However, I was too afraid that the high speed and skill of adults only might be a bit much for a girl that can barely balance when no one is with in yards of her. 🙂 My favorite thing was the live organist playing music.

This place is a great date night activity or workout if your looking for fun ways to get some exercise.


2 thoughts on “Things to do near Los Angeles – Roller Skating

  1. So glad you had a good time!

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