The Reel Deal Voting has begun

I am excited to announce that The Reel Deal voting has begun.  This is a very exciting reality show for actors, directors, writers, composers and celebrities.  I’m a finalist in the acting category.

Originally potential contestants created their own 90 second personality video and submitted via youtube.   Darlene (my dummy) makes an appearance in mine. It’s the first video on my contestant page.

Those that made it to semi-finals then had timed callbacks.  I submitted as an actor, so for my callback process I was given certain dates and times to log in and choose a monologue.  Then I had 2 hours to memorize, record and upload the performance.  I did 2 monologues during the first callback window and one more during the next. 

Now it’s up to the public to vote for their favorites via the internet.

So what are you waiting for?  Go vote:



How to vote:

click link

click vote now button

register for squerb (through Facebook seems easiest)

(If not redirected back to my voting page click link: And click vote now button again)

squerb about me at least once to get the voting buttons active

tick #1 and click submit vote button

that’s it…if you want to double check that it worked, click vote now from the original link and it should show your votes.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

I was scrolling through Netflix trying to figure out what I could watch while cleaning my apartment…you know: background noise. Something fun, but not too distracting.  G.I. Joe….BOOM!

Jokes on me…I have done nothing but sit here watching the movie!!!  What is it about Dwayne Johnson that is so amazing?!?!

Ok I admit, I met Dwayne years ago while on set and he is a total sweetheart with the kindest eyes…so maybe it’s a little celeb crush…but I think it’s more than that.  Dwayne is one of the most captivating and interesting actors in film.  I remember watching him as a wrestler on the TV and thinking, “I can’t believe I’m watching this…but I just want THE ROCK to kick butt!!!”  He really knows how to open his soul and let you experience adventure and excitement through his acting.  I can’t think of a movie he’s done that I didn’t feel that way…from Tooth Fairy to Scorpion King to G.I. Joe…he always rock the role!

Things to do near Los Angeles – Anaheim Farmers Market

Courtesy of @DowntownAnaheim

Courtesy of @DowntownAnaheim

I love Farmer’s Markets for many reasons:
-the amazing and unique options
-local businesses
-sense of community

One of my favorite is the Anaheim Farmers Market. They have really grown the Thursday market into an event. They have a stage with local musicians, variety artists, and more.

I performed there again on April 17th. They had a kids craft/coloring station and the Easter Bunny for hopping around for Easter. They even had a trackless train.

This is a market that you can take the kids to and make an afternoon of it.

Here’s their link for more info: