My rescue cat sure seems like a Bengal

Now I know there is no way to prove my rescue kitty Bagheera is really Bengal, but she sure acts like one. She loves water. She yowls non-stop as if conversing with me. She runs laps around the apartment leaping the queen bed with ease. Oh and her markings and glistening fur sure look like she’s got Bengal in her. It’s funny when I first posted pics of her everyone made comments like, “I didn’t know you got a Bengal!” and I was like, “me either”. 😜 They assured me at the rescue that she was just a tabby. She’s still a loving little cuddle bug…when she’s not attacking a shadow 6 feet up the wall or screaming for me to join her in the bathroom so I can turn on the faucet for her to play in. So jury is still out, but I’m comfortable calling her Bengal if she’s okay with it.