Young Storytellers Big Show

I just got home from performing at another fun Big Show and I can’t stop smiling. Young Storytellers Foundation is a group that pairs mentors up with elementary students to guide them in writing a script. The scripts are usually about 5 pages in length and generally only have up to 9 speaking roles. The themes range from presidential elections to escaping fantasy lands to wizard school to schools of fish and anywhere in between. The genres can vary, however most tend to lean toward comedy and action fantasy. As an actor I get to show up for the Big Show, the performance of these scripts. There are 10 actors and we audition for the young writers, which then cast us in their scripts. We get all 10 scripts and usually by that point it’s time to start the show. We perform all of the scripts back to back using our biggest and loudest theatre performance skills. Then we get to thank the writers and autograph the scripts. Some of tonight’s roles I played included a very wise 12 year old girl, a companion wolf, a dancing tree, a police officer, a painting that talked like a robot, and an evil gnome. It’s really one of my all time favorite acting opportunities in Los Angeles. I always have a blast! The kids are so creative!