– PuppetGirl


I can’t believe what a great response I’ve had to joining a live streaming app. In just 1 month I’ve gained over 11K followers on the app. I’ve enjoyed building a community of both viewers and other broadcasters. It’s pretty incredible that this app has been around almost a year already and I’m just now finding out about it. If you’ve never heard of I recommend checking it out. You can search it on the app store and download it for free for android, iphone or ipad (sorry not desktop yet).

Viewers interact with broadcasters through the chat, as well as by sending likes, gifts and can even be beamed in with the picture in picture feature. I’ll include a link that may even give you free coins to spend on your favorite broadcaster.  LINK:

I hope you’ll join me on I am currently doing a regular broadcast on Mondays at 5pm PT. My screen name is PuppetGirl.