Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

I was scrolling through Netflix trying to figure out what I could watch while cleaning my apartment…you know: background noise. Something fun, but not too distracting.  G.I. Joe….BOOM!

Jokes on me…I have done nothing but sit here watching the movie!!!  What is it about Dwayne Johnson that is so amazing?!?!

Ok I admit, I met Dwayne years ago while on set and he is a total sweetheart with the kindest eyes…so maybe it’s a little celeb crush…but I think it’s more than that.  Dwayne is one of the most captivating and interesting actors in film.  I remember watching him as a wrestler on the TV and thinking, “I can’t believe I’m watching this…but I just want THE ROCK to kick butt!!!”  He really knows how to open his soul and let you experience adventure and excitement through his acting.  I can’t think of a movie he’s done that I didn’t feel that way…from Tooth Fairy to Scorpion King to G.I. Joe…he always rock the role!


Nudity in auditions, I think not.

Okay.  So I really don’t have a problem with nudity in media.  I mean if you watched Beta House you already knew that.  I believe that performers can choose to do roles with nudity or not…totally up to them. 

I personally am not a huge fan of most movies with insane amount of gratuitous nudity for the sake of DVD sales, but again it’s not my place to judge the performers for doing those role. 

Here’s where I think nudity is a problem.  AUDITIONS!  There is almost always no reason to make actors or actresses be fully nude on tape for auditions.  I think if anyone in production feels that it is needed to make sure the performer is “really” okay with the nudity, then they should be run out of the biz.  It’s BS.  Especially if the person auditioning has done nudity in prior projects.  I just don’t understand what goes on in some people’s minds.  It’s uncomfortable, unneccessary and in my opinion taking advantage of your positions in production in an inappropriate way.

And that’s how I really feel.

How Ventriloquism has helped my acting

I had an audition a while back where I had to switch emotions several times in a matter of minutes and because it was comedic it had to be a bit extreme with no noticeable transitions, yet feel grounded and real. I didn’t think anything of it. That’s easy. However, I found out that’s not true for all actors. I started to ponder why I felt this is such a simple task. Then it hit me…I’ve had loads of practice.

I have been portraying multiple characters onstage at the same time through ventriloquism for most of my life. One of the skills I take for granted is that most of the time the puppet is in one emotion and I am in another simultaneously. For example: Stunkles may feel sad while at the same time I am comforting OR Billy is playful while I am angry OR Darlene is flirty while I am apologetic. I have naturally found a way to do this without even realizing I was developing a skill.

So even though I have had acting classes and life experience and so forth, I truly believe one of the major factors in my ability to do honest comedic emotional switches so cleanly is all of the practice I’ve had through performing ventriloquism.

Another skill that I think ventriloquism has helped with…auditions. I find it’s easier to play opposite imaginary people I’ve created in my mind while reading the scene in the casting office because that’s basically what ventriloquism is, talking to an imaginary person I’ve created. The major difference: There’s a “reader” at auditions that I don’t get to control by putting my hand…well you get the idea.


I love Sons of Anarchy!  I started watching the pilot episode because I heard that Katey Sagal is on the show.  I adore her work.  Then I whipped through the entire series to catch up and be able to watch it live this season.  Talk about an amazing show.  Kurt Sutter is brilliant!!!  (Check out his site: http://sutterink.com/ )  I don’t want to get into it too much because of spoilers…but if you haven’t started watching it, then you are really missing out.

I think this is one of the best overall shows I’ve ever watched on television.  The writing is brilliant, the cast is amazing, the make-up always blows my mind, the wardrobe & set & props & edits & lighting & sound…it’s all awesome!!!!

It’s my goal this year to make sure I get in front of the amazing casting director for the show Wendy O’Brien.  It would be a dream come true to work on SOA!!!



Ok, I did lose my temper today at the telephone banker that refused to let me speak to his manager because they were,  “just going to tell me the same thing.”  I actually yelled at the phone and complete lost my temper for the first time in…well I don’t actually remember the last time I lost my temper, but I’m sure I have at some point…but that’s not what this post is about.  (But thank’s for letting me get that off my chest.  And to the banker guy, I’d like to apologize to you if you happen to read this, but I won’t because I am still ticked off that you had to be soooo difficult.)

I started watching Charlie Sheen’s new show ANGER MANAGEMENT and it’s really funny.

I was never a huge Charlie Sheen fan before.  I mean he was good in “Hot Shots” and…well I can’t say I really remember him from anything else.  I was never really that interested in “Two and a Half Men” either.  But after all of the “winning” publicity that he’s had and those awesome FX commercials with the train crash and him in a coffin my curiousity was peeked.  So I watched the first episode.

I love it!  It’s REALLY REALLY funny.  I literaly LOL in my living room alone watching it.  The supporting cast is very funny, as well.  I especially love watching Barry Corbin.  I remember him from Northern Exposure.  I laughed so hard at one of his lines the other night that I had to rewind the OnDemand to see what I missed.

If you haven’t watched it yet…do it.  It’s really worth checking out.



RIP Desperate Housewives

So I watched the series finale of Desperate Housewives.  It was the most I think I’ve ever cried during an episode of a TV show.

I cried partly because of the shows wonderful writing, acting, etc… and partly because it was the end of a series that I have grown to love.

But I realized something else…I think a major reason why I love the show and have grown so attached is that I long to have such a wonderful group of close girlfriends that would rather go to prison than break a promise, women that I have known so long and had so many wonderful memories with that I know that every time they have a bad hand of poker they tap their wine glass, friends that have shared thier lives so fully that we have been there for eathother through births, marriages, heartaches, deaths and everything in between.

How lucky those characters were to have created such strong friendships.  And what a terrible feeling it was to realize that even that could drift away.  That reality that hit me during the finale.

And that’s why I feel like something is missing now that my “friends” on Wisteria Lane have moved on.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that worked on the show for sharing your talents with us through that magic box in the living room.

Addicted to Housewives

It is a sad year for me when it comes to TV shows.  Desperate Housewives is in it’s final season.

I never thought I would enjoy the show to be honest.  I watched part of an episode in an early season once and decided it wasn’t for me. However I interviewed for the tour guide position at Universal Studios and I decided that it would be easier to memorize the houses on Wisteria Lane if I knew who I was talking about when I said Susan, Brie, Mike, etc, so I watched the pilot.

Suddenly I was hooked.  The show is tongue in cheek, funny, witty, clever, with relatable yet over the top characters that you can’t help but love or in some cases love to hate.  I started watching the early seasons on DVD/online and then caught up. Then I spent the following seasons watching live.

I smiled and cried along with the ladies (and guys) of Wisteria Lane through their ups and downs.  I’ve been on the edge of my couch through their adventures.  I was actually so connected to these characters that I wept this season at the death of one of the folks on Wisteria Lane and mourned as if it were a family friend for the next few days without even realizing it.

This series is a must see, however if you haven’t watched yet…do NOT jump in now.  I recommend going back to pilot episode and start there.  It is a bit of a soap opera in the past couple of seasons, so if you jump in too late you won’t have the same connection with the characters.

SILLY FACT:  The Wisteria on Wisteria Lane is fake.  (They are plastic/silk flowers.  I know because I’ve seen them.)