Young Storytellers Big Show

I just got home from performing at another fun Big Show and I can’t stop smiling. Young Storytellers Foundation is a group that pairs mentors up with elementary students to guide them in writing a script. The scripts are usually about 5 pages in length and generally only have up to 9 speaking roles. The themes range from presidential elections to escaping fantasy lands to wizard school to schools of fish and anywhere in between. The genres can vary, however most tend to lean toward comedy and action fantasy. As an actor I get to show up for the Big Show, the performance of these scripts. There are 10 actors and we audition for the young writers, which then cast us in their scripts. We get all 10 scripts and usually by that point it’s time to start the show. We perform all of the scripts back to back using our biggest and loudest theatre performance skills. Then we get to thank the writers and autograph the scripts. Some of tonight’s roles I played included a very wise 12 year old girl, a companion wolf, a dancing tree, a police officer, a painting that talked like a robot, and an evil gnome. It’s really one of my all time favorite acting opportunities in Los Angeles. I always have a blast! The kids are so creative! 


My rescue cat sure seems like a Bengal

Now I know there is no way to prove my rescue kitty Bagheera is really Bengal, but she sure acts like one. She loves water. She yowls non-stop as if conversing with me. She runs laps around the apartment leaping the queen bed with ease. Oh and her markings and glistening fur sure look like she’s got Bengal in her. It’s funny when I first posted pics of her everyone made comments like, “I didn’t know you got a Bengal!” and I was like, “me either”. ūüėú They assured me at the rescue that she was just a tabby. She’s still a loving little cuddle bug…when she’s not attacking a shadow 6 feet up the wall or screaming for me to join her in the bathroom so I can turn on the faucet for her to play in. So jury is still out, but I’m comfortable calling her Bengal if she’s okay with it.

I love my cat!

I love¬†my cat so much! She’s adorable. She makes me laugh. She nuzzles me when I’m sad. She licks my face when she thinks I should wake up. She’s smart and curious and may think she’s a person. She sits and lays down on request. She’s amazing.

She was rescued from a bag of kittens left at a Petco.

I’m simply making a post to let you know that if you can and have the desire to rescue¬†a pet, you should. Not only are you ¬†enhancing their quality of life, but they’ll do the same for you.


Note: I have an entire blog dedicated to escape rooms:

I am finally posting my reviews of escape games I have played. I’ve done 40 different games, mostly in Los Angeles. Many of these are copied from my Yelp reviews…if you notice my star ranking is different than online it’s because I am now comparing them to the 40 different games as well as sometimes I’m a bit more generous on Yelp since I understand how much a star ranking on Yelp can affect a business and in my personal blog I can be a bit more critical.

(Rankings are out of 5 stars)


5 stars

Totally AWESOME!!!! We didn’t make it out, but it was super fun and really frustrating at times…exactly like an escape experience should be. ¬†The staff is super cool too. ¬†We loved it!!!

So my husband and I escaped the BOILER ROOM with 2 friends.  We are all escape room junkies.
I would recommend doing Basement first then Boiler room to follow the story.
The boiler room tells the story incredibly well…that’s the thing this company does better than most other escape game companies.
It’s a beautifully decorated/themed room. ¬†It’s linear so the whole team works on one thing at a time. ¬†If you are severely claustrophobic this may not be fun for you. ¬†It’s also horror themed.
Don’t get me wrong this was really really fun. ¬†We had a great time, however my husband and I have done over 30 live escape games, so none of the puzzles in this room were completely new to us. ¬†It really didn’t have enough puzzles and wasn’t particularly challenging as far as actually figuring out the answers…some were simple to figure out but still challenging to complete.
We escaped the BOILER ROOM in less than 20 minutes.


5 stars

Incredibly well done. Especially awesome for people that love escape rooms!!! Beautifully themed and great puzzles. I was totally puzzled a few times. Highly recommend!!! My husband and I tried to get out of the Sorcerer themed room twice and still didn’t succeed but we had fun trying. I would say to have a minimum of 4 people in your group for that room. (This comes from the girl that has done and escaped from other escape games alone, normally I would say do rooms with only 2 people.) The Alien room is fun, note that there is crawling involved. My husband and I escaped from the jail themed room. It would’ve been easier in one section if we had an extra person or two, but it’s not impossible with only two people. Overall this company is one of my favorite.


4 stars

I had a fun time. It was just the two of us and we have done other live escape rooms.

The puzzles were good. ¬†We had a couple of technical difficulties. ¬†Thank goodness for the walkie talkie to ask for hints…it saved us a couple of times when we had technical difficulties. ¬†I say if you are sure you are right or you think something seems off, call on the walkie and save valuable time.

The Asylum room is dark and has a lot of random props that you may or may not need. ¬†The set design is very detailed and it’s quite an immersive experience.
I recommend the Bunker over the Asylum.

I had a problem with the gamemaster when I went for my birthday to the Asylum and wrote a negative Yelp review. The owner called me and apologized.


3 stars

We did the Wonderland experience and really enjoyed the creativity and fun atmosphere of the rooms & puzzles.
The puzzles were much more complicated than some of the games I have played elsewhere and really make you think outside the box. ¬†This isn’t your tear apart the room searching for “stuff” kind of escape room like The Basement, but more along the lines of Exit Game puzzle solving.
The staff is very friendly. ¬†They have a cool feature that I’ve never seen before where you find tokens in your game. ¬†The space is quite large and they have parking available for free in the complex.We did the new VIP Victorian Mansion game ¬†yesterday. ¬†It’s really cool!!! ¬†It is well decorated and the puzzles are really unique from any other escape game company I’ve done so far. ¬†Highly recommend.
We also did Curse of the Mummy yesterday. ¬†It’s a beautifully decorated room and awesome concept, but I had a harder time with the puzzles in this one than usual even after hints.
I strongly recommend that first time players start with “Court is in Session” as their first XRoom Game.
(The only one I have left to do here is Escape the Prison.)

*Rumor has it this location may have closed.


5 stars

If you can only do one escape room in LA…this is the one. Do the apartment themed room.
This is the best puzzle, environment, technology infused combination of an escape room I have yet to encounter. ¬†The puzzles are difficult, but logical and certainly not impossible. ¬†The environment and story are wonderful. ¬†They use technology & effects I had yet to encounter in an escape maze. ¬†It’s a must experience!!! In the apartment¬† I was actually to stressed to make a decision by the end and told my husband that he had to do it and I trusted his judgement. ¬†LOL



5 stars

We did the bank. ¬†It’s great. ¬†Jo is awesome. ¬†The rooms are designed beautifully. ¬†They feel like a set from a movie. ¬†The puzzles were just a little too difficult for my husband & I to fully complete on our own…we had a lot of help (hints). ¬†It was fun.


4 stars

This is a great combination of atmosphere and puzzles. ¬†The story is good and helps set the stage for the experience. ¬†We did pretty well for just the two of us, but didn’t escape. ¬†The staff is great, too. It’s not as high tech as some of the other games I’ve played. I think they are in a different location than when we did it, so the game may be different now. I like that they make a little “trailer” of your adventure.


2 stars

We did the cavern during beta testing and the group we were put together with was much much too large. The communication was lacking among a couple of players that arrived late and were allowed to jump in because we hadn’t left the briefing area at the beginning yet, but we could tell by the disrespect at the beginning they’d be tough to deal with and they were. Unfortunately the group you are with dictates the level of fun in this type of game. Game pieces went missing due to these same players ripping things up and moving them. Past that bad experience, if it were based on that I’d give only 1 star…the game itself is well decorated. The puzzles were often time consuming, but not especially logic based compared to the other games I’ve played. My least favorite puzzle in the room was based on checking a certain item in the room multiple times and if you don’t, you won’t be able to solve it. My other large complaint was the first part of the game you are required to stay behind yellow tape and not cross it until the staff member moves it even though you can see the rest of the room. You aren’t allowed to work on the other puzzles until the first one is solved…except only a few people are able to work on one puzzle at a time.


3 stars

There are 5 different escape rooms at Logiquit.¬† I’ve done all except the Office of John Monroe. ¬† All of the rooms have unique themes and stories to go along with the game.

The “hint” system is really cool. ¬†It’s not intrusive like some of the other locations I’ve played where a staff member walks in (which kind of takes away from the idea of being locked in)…at Logiquit they don’t intrude on your game but rather if you want hints they will put them up on the screen located in the room. ¬†It’s great.
For the most part everything you need is in the room and logical to find if you figure out the clues. ¬†There shouldn’t be any guess work as long as you look everywhere and check out everything. ¬†The puzzles are fun and creative.
The only thing we’ve noticed is that the final moments when you escape (in the¬† three we escaped) are a little anti-climatic…but I spoke with the creators and I think they are making a few adjustments to address that.¬† The lab room had some issues with the puzzles. We actually got the door open in the lab accidentally and were told we were doing it wrong and causing a malfunction.
Their location is so convenient for us. ¬†Right on the edge of Hollywood. ¬†He’s even getting there using public transportation.


3 stars

We did the dollhouse today with two additional couples we had never met…so 6 people total. ¬†The other four people had never done an escape room. ¬† We found it to be too easy. ¬†Also there were too many people in our group of 6 and they book the rooms up to 10 people per game. ¬†We escaped with 11 minutes left.

This is a good game for beginners.

The space is amazing.  The staff is wonderful.  The story is creative and interesting.  The props are in good condition.  The rooms feel immersive in the decor of the environment.

The puzzles are too easy. ¬†The locks are almost all the same. ¬†The puzzles all end up using a similar solution basis (which isn’t particularly creative). ¬†They boast 3 floors which is technically correct, but mildly misleading. ¬†The puzzles/locks don’t entirely make sense in context of the actual story. ¬†I didn’t feel that they really took advantage of the amazing space they have access to. ¬†There is no electronic newfangled technology aspects.


2 stars

We did Treasure Island a couple of weeks before doing the lab and totally stayed stranded on the island.  The clues were just too difficult for us to make the connections for the most part.  So today we came back to do the laboratory room and the power was out so we did it with flashlights. It was fun.  Some of the clues were still a little too difficult for me personally so we had to call for help a couple of times. I felt that not all of the puzzles were complete. Some seemed like illogical jumps to get from A to C.
The island is just a room with boxes and wall decorations, but very sparse on art design.  The lab has more props and a more immersive feel.  The flashlights help.
It’s cash only if you walk in. ¬†You should make an appointment though.
The staff is wonderful! Leon is very patient and helpful even when he explains a clue and I look at him like a deer in headlights.

According to the website the Island is now the Bomb game.


4 stars

The Dynasty is 3 rooms, but actually one story…so start with #1. ¬†It’s really great!!!

The staff is awesome.  The rooms (we saw 2) are beautifully decorated.  The story is well done and the puzzles fit into it.  Listen up at the briefing and remember the info.

This company really uses creative and unique puzzles. ¬†You get immersed in the story and become characters in it. ¬†It was really different than the escape games we’ve played before both in the way we had to think to solve puzzles and the theme. ¬†They use technology in really fun ways.¬† They use a pretty difficult combination lock in the first room that I have heard from others, as well as our experience was that the gamemaster usually has to come in and do the combination even once you solve the puzzle. It used to be that if you had time left after the first room that you could continue on, however I think they’ve changed that.¬† I haven’t gone back to do the last two rooms yet.


1 star

You have to try really hard to get a 1 star rating from me…you have to not only have a crappy room, but be a jerk to me. Mission accomplished.

My husband and I did Alcatraz escape here.¬†¬† This was not one of our favorites, but it also didn’t help that our group of 4 got paired up with a group of 6 rambunctious teens. ¬†For that reason the communication was lacking and it’s especially important in a game where your group is split between locked rooms.

The first puzzle had one of those answers that even after we got the answer from our 1 hint we didn’t understand why because it didn’t really make logical sense.¬† Simply put it was a bad puzzle. Half of the group opened something the wrong way because we spent minutes figuring out a puzzle to open something that only gave us how to open that thing that was already open which then became very confusing.¬† Then the group wasted more time trying to figure out what they were supposed to find there.
There was A LOT of crawling which sucked.
Some of the ideas were really creative, but the execution was lacking.
Also they only give 1 hint. ¬†If you ask for another they walk in and want to know what you want, but won’t give any more help.

Then when I gave my honest (mind you sugarcoated) opinion on a facebook group, the owner wrote a comment saying the room was just too hard for me instead of acknowledging that there could be a problem with his room. I also read several other reviews online with the same complaints.


5 stars

We decided last minute to find an escape room to do Saturday after I got home from set. ¬†Luckily there were 2 spots open in the last show of the night here, so we bought ’em. ¬†I’ve been wanting to do this room for months, but my husband seemed a bit hesitant so we had only done traditional escape games.

I had high expectations for Trapped in a Room with a Zombie.  They were exceeded.
Shervin & Elijah were outstanding!   Shervin was wonderfully creative in his assistance & awards.  Elijah was so amazing as the zombie that even after the game my instinct was to dart away from him when he approached.  I wish all actors would immerse themselves in their characters the way he did last night.  (standing ovation for our cast)

The puzzles were fun. ¬†They were logical enough to figure out, but difficult in a large group because communication is key and ours wasn’t quite good enough to get out in time. ¬†We realized at the end that we actually had everything solved all we had left to do was communicate the answers to one person to unlock the door. ¬†Close but still zombie food.

*Highly recommend this for people that like working in a large group with high intensity.  Not necessarily the best for escape room folks that like solving puzzles slowly and focused.


4 stars

The staff here was friendly and accommodating. ¬†We were very grateful that they were able to assist us when we had a “scheduling issue”.

We did the Time Machine room.  We got 2 hints and made it out with 7 minutes left.

This room is a little more basic than some of the other rooms we have done. ¬†It’s also only one room as opposed to many escape games that have multiple rooms within one game. ¬†We found that the puzzles that made sense logically to us were very simple, and those that didn’t were basically impossible without guidance. ¬†(One of them I’m still not sure how anyone would figure out without a hint.) ¬†Lastly we didn’t know we were done until the game master told us congratulations. ¬†However I should note the purpose of this room isn’t actually to escape.

Fun but basic and smaller space than most.


4 stars

We did beta testing here on both Harry Potter & Mario rooms.  I felt like there was a drastic difference in difficulty between them.  If you do a lot of escape rooms you may not find the Mario room difficult enough.  The Harry Potter room is beautiful and really unique.  Note: You need a minimum of 3 people to complete Mario.


5 stars

Totally awesome!!!!! ¬†Take your friends and go right now!!!! ¬†The Lair “escape game” is not to be missed.

My husband & I did it, just the two of us.  We were given a little extra time since there was just two of us and we succeeded.  It was super cool.  There were several completely unique puzzles we had never seen before.

Not only is the game itself super fun and interesting…the staff is really funny and nice. ¬†One of my favorite parts was even before the game started when we were being briefed.

I want to say so much more, but don’t want to give spoilers. ¬†So go sign up for a time and have a blast. ¬†Perfect for 2 or a group.


5 stars

I played the puzzle master and jailbreak rooms here. They are really fun. ¬†The owners are great. ¬†The puzzles are creative, logical and well thought out. The games are well thought out and have creative puzzles. The puzzlemaster is a little better decorated and I found it slightly more fun than the jail. However my husband and I were grouped with people we didn’t know and still took the top of the leaderboard for the jailbreak. They don’t add groups to the leaderboard if they ask for hints.


4.5 stars

My husband and I did both the studio & casino.  I loved the Studio.  It was more linear than the Casino.  We liked the theme more since we are in the movie industry in Los Angeles.  The puzzles were unique and fun.
Overall these rooms have a combination of puzzles and searching/finding things. ¬†I like searching/finding…my husband doesn’t. ¬†The studio has less “work around” opportunities to solve the puzzles than the casino, too.
(When you’ve done enough escape rooms you start to see certain ways to solve puzzles without legitimately “solving” the puzzles. ¬†Some people say it’s cheating, I say if you don’t want me to solve it that way then design it in a way I cannot “cheat”.) They may have made some changes to the Casino since we did it early on.
The guys that run it are super nice too.  Oh & nothing scary in these rooms so totally good for families.


5 stars

This escape room is one of the best thematically. ¬†The decor and story are in the top 3 of the 30+ escape rooms I’ve played. The location is amazing and there is a lot of history in the area that the staff will be glad to tell you about. The staff is great.

The puzzles are creative, but also be ready for a lot of searching the room for stuff.

My husband and I purchased a game time specifically hoping to be the only two in the room and unfortunately at the very last minute another couple joined us. We even received a text telling us we’d be alone. I always have more fun when it’s just the two of us. I highly recommend booking the entire room, as with every other escape room (except trapped in a room with a zombie…but it’s also a show and a game so slightly different). My major frustrations in this game came from the strangers we played with moving game pieces around the room and so forth. They were nice, but it’s just a lot easier to communicate with my husband because we have done so many games and we understand each other.
* I especially like the final reveal…for personal reasons!!


4 stars

They have a wonderful location and a lot of space for several rooms. They are well decorated. The staff is great. You can get hints if you are stuck.
I’m not a numbers person and we did the black & white room which is a little more number/math heavy than the other rooms. Some of the puzzles felt like they were ripped from a brain teaser book that you could do at home. I’m looking forward to doing the other rooms after speaking with the owner. He explained that the rooms are getting updated a bit and the other rooms don’t have much math.


4 stars

I did the Pharaoh room with my husband and another couple that we met doing escape games. We got close, but got stuck on a puzzle that we couldn’t really make out the symbols on. The owner said he plans to repaint them. The technology in the room is very cool. There were a few frustrating moments in the room, specifically a puzzle we solved and then kept trying the solve it when we didn’t notice anything change in the room. We wasted a lot of time trying to solve that puzzle after we already had. It’s apparently done that way by design. Overall, it’s a good room with a lot of thought put into it.


5 stars

These rooms are very pretty. There is new ownership and they are making some changes from the old rooms. They seem like cool people. I really enjoyed the thrill/horror aspects of the psycho themed room. The puzzles were really fun too! We were more aggressive in our searching since it was our second room there and found everything we needed. The spaceship room was really cool looking but we didn’t do a very good job searching and had issues solving puzzles because we didn’t find everything we needed. I stopped searching the walls because parts of the wall decorations fell off while I was searching and I got worried I was gonna break stuff. I am looking forward to the updates they make and the new room.


4 stars

I love the theme/story: Actors that need to break into the wardrobe case before the play begins. It was a really fun concept. The stage manager gives reminders of the time, as a real stage manager does in the theatre. The room looks very much like a dressing room in a small theatre. The puzzles in the first half were much more creative than the second half which resorts to mostly brainteaser type math problems. One puzzle stood out to me as being unique to anything I’ve seen before and I really enjoyed that puzzle the most. The room is basic and low tech. There are no mechanics, second room, etc. It is fun and well done. It’s perfect for families and kids groups like scouts.


4 stars

We had a fun time in the 80’s Rec Room room. It was neat to be reminded of things from childhood during the game. I wasn’t happy that a key puzzle/game had been updated from the original version to a more modern version. Overall the puzzles were creative and fun. There was only one room in this game, but they have other games at this location. This is the only room I’ve done in AZ.


5 stars

Super awesome!!!!

I went alone and got out of Omega room, but not the Forgotten Treasure.

The Omega Room was very math and map heavy. I don’t usually like that, but I found this one quite fun. It has multiple rooms. The technology is cool. The Forgotten Treasure was awesome! I didn’t finish it in the time, but I felt I did a pretty god job considering I was alone. I did get to see the last room and it was cool!

Room design, puzzles, themes are all great. Staff is nice!

Omescape - Richmond, CA, United States


2 stars

We did the prison break room at X-Room.

There are two rooms in the prison and I like the concept of your group being divided and then meeting up to complete the game.  That was the thing that makes it stand out from the rest since this was the first time my husband and I had done a room like that. We have seen several since and they are almost all jails/prisons.

This wasn’t very high-tech and the set design was minimal. ¬†The puzzles definitely required teamwork between rooms, but none of them were so unique that I haven’t seen a similar version before.


3 stars

I did the Jekyll & Hyde room at Mission Escape Games. It was one of two I visited in NYC. ¬†Most of the rooms I have done are in Los Angeles. I enjoyed the theme of the room and several of the puzzles were unique. ¬†The set decor was sparse but nice. ¬†It wasn’t as high tech as some games.