Things To Do in the Los Angeles area- Salton Sea

Things To Do in the Los Angeles area- Salton Sea

Ok, so this is a little way away from Los Angeles. But the Salton Sea is a beautiful area. This is an accidentally man-made body of water. (I watched the video at the visitor center.) Some guys were hired to keep water in the area and they cut canals from the Colorado River that caused the area to flood in the early 1900’s.
This use to be a major fishing and camping destination, although when I visited over memorial day weekend there was hardly anyone to be found. The water gets saltier as it slowly dries up. Over the years all of the different types of fish started to die. Now it only has Tilapia. It’s such a beautiful, quiet, peaceful beach, but a bit sad to walk along it and see dead fished washed ashore. There are other neat things to do in the area like see a mud volcano. Niland (Salvation Mountain & Slab City) is only a few miles southeast too.